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Contributor System
What is the Contributor System

The Contributor system is an automatic system that is running to determine what kind of member you are in the community. Through your various actions, it increases or lowers your ranking. It monitors simple actions such as where you are posting topics or replies, when you purchase links, when you receive likes, when your posts or topics are deleted and awards either positive or negative points to the various actions. Points are awarded when threads are approved, not just posted. As an upgraded member, your contributor rating is frozen from going any lower and has no impact on your ability to see links 

How do I see my Contributor Points

You can check your own contributor rating in the user panel on the top of the forum on the right hand side. 
[Image: f54a947531fa2d8af0187b040bde0a54.png]

You can also see it on the profile page:

[Image: abede5d570feffd2c411fddb6704f6fa.png]

How Many Points Do I earn or Lose with my Actions 

v7 has completely reworked the Contributor system and this information will supersede any other posts / threads.
  1. Creating a new Thread will award you with 15 Points
  2. Creating a new post in any section no longer has any effect on your contributor rating. 
  3. Every single like from a Upgraded Member, Admin, Moderator will award you with 5 points 
  4. Purchasing links will take away 10 points
How many Points do I need to get access 

As a free member you need to keep your Contributor rating above 100 otherwise the system will "lock you out" and you will no longer be able to access links 

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