How Credits work. Getting Started.
Credits System
The Credits system is our way of rewarding users for interacting in the forums.

How Do I Earn Credits

Credits are earned by Posting Threads. Each Thread earns 3 Credits.

Making replies or posts used to give credits but that has been removed in the rework of the system. You also get 50% of any credits when someone "unlocks" your post by paying for it. While we do not have a way to reward every click, we are almost done with that system, so every click on any links you provide will also give you credits.

Important Note

If a thread you make, is rejected (removed or not approved by a mod), then you will lose 3 credits as a penalty. This has been implemented to discourage shit posting, which wastes moderator time.

Only one liner threads, useless/meaningless or repetitive discussion is ever *not approved* or deleted

Think before you post

What Can Credits Be Used for
Credits are uses by non-upgraded users to purchase links. We have a credits store coming that will allow more use cases, but you can also exchange your credits for crypto currency

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